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Lockless Monster

20,00 €Prix

Add a 9′ lockless monster with your Road Shower 4, 4S, or 4L order  and we will include it in your Road Shower 4 box.  Use “12off” to help reduce or eliminate the shipping cost.




Made from 3/32″, 7 x 7 steel aircraft cable, with soft PVC coating. What does that mean? The core is high-quality stranded steel cable and the soft coating won’t scratch your gear or vehicle.




Prevent theft of your belongings! Just loop the cable through an item and then lock the ball-end into a door or vehicle trunk. Your gear is secured!




No need for a padlock or combination lock – so it’s always ready to go. No keys to lose, no combos to forget. Keep one in each of your vehicles!

UGS : RS4-15

Simply loop the cable around the locking loop of the Road Shower. Then lock the ball-end into your door or trunk. It couldn’t be easier!

If you find yourself without a door or trunk, the ball end has a small loop so that you can use a padlock or combination lock if you need to.

No lock will stop a determined thief. However this lock takes away the opportunistic thief that thinks they can grab your Road Shower with just a wrench.  The cable looks thin, but you can’t cut it with regular wire cutters. They would need a bolt cutter which would cut most locks anyway.